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February 2005 – A History of Valentine’s Day

February 1, 2005

There are many versions of the history of Valentines Day, most of which contain elements of both Christian and Roman tradition. The one we like the best contends that, in third century Rome, Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage for young men, believing that single men made better soldiers than married ones.

January 2005 – The Engagement Ring Phenomenon: Part VI

January 1, 2005

Many crystal fragments in their natural creation have impurities. Inclusions and fissures within them which may trap light and detract from it’s color and beauty. Inclusions are irregularities or small bits of foreign matter that were trapped in a diamond while it was being formed several billion years ago.

December 2004 – The Engagement Ring Phenomenon: Part V

December 1, 2004

What if you already have a stone? How about purchasing a previously owned piece? Whose diamond is it? Not your former betrothed’s? Your mother’s? Grandmother’s? Her mother’s? Hmmm… Something to consider.

November 2004 – Men Do Wear Jewelry

November 1, 2004

“Is it okay to wear rings other than a wedding band?” This used to be a question asked of us just a couple of years ago. These were the curious who wanted to dare to indulge, but may have felt intimidated by the notion of the 70’s nugget ring or the “pinky” ring much attributed to various movie characters ala mob-style. Of 500 men surveyed, 75% say they wear jewelry. The other 25% say they would like to or are open to the idea of wearing jewelry, if they knew women found it sexy. Well… Gentlemen. They do!

October 2004 – The Engagement Ring Phenomenon Part IV

October 1, 2004

August 2004 – The Engagement Ring Phenomenon (Part III)

August 1, 2004

June 2004 – The Engagement Ring Phenomenon (Part II)

June 1, 2004

This Square pendant with diamond displays boldness and subtlety in the texture of a flat plane. Movement, from being worn on a person, brings it life as the light flows across its surface. The opening creates a window, and in it, the sparkle of an off-set diamond, engaging the viewer to take a closer look.

March 2004 – The Engagement Ring Phenomenon (Part I)

March 1, 2004

Our 2004 AGTA SPECTRUM COMPETETION ENTRY. Four individual parts are joined by four circles forming the bigger circle of the ring itself. However, still leaving a space for a separate identity. The four circles that join the ring together contain a core of green diamond surrounded by another circle of turquoise.