Five 2016 Wedding Trends We Dig

1.) Succulent bouquets

Succulents are often geometric in shape and the epitome of minimal. That’s a CED love-list check and double check.

2.) Neutral Color Palettes

This has been on trend for a few seasons and we’re still not tired of it. Chic and minimal, we’ll take those blushes, grays, metallics, and creams any day. *Pops of color welcome.

3.) Sustainable catering

We’re a small business, we love shopping local, and we think everyone should do their part to create an environmentally sustainable future. Why wouldn’t we be in favor of locally sourced, sustainable catering movement?

4.) Family-style receptions

We love people, we love getting to know them and learn their stories. That’s why we are definitely into the growing trend of smaller, more intimate weddings with long-lasting, family-style seating receptions.

5.) Less cake, more dessert

Who doesn’t love wedding cake? We sure do, but do you know what else we love? Cheesecake. Pie. Donuts. Cupcakes. Cookies. Another growing trend for 2016 is to ditch the traditional cake and replace it with a bunch of the couple’s favorite dessert. If it’s dessert, we support it.

Bonus: 6.) Custom engagement rings

We think we’ve got a pretty good handle on this. You know what we mean.

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