A Few of Our Favorite Gem Cutters

Clay Zava of Zava Mastercuts

Zava’s work is brilliant in every sense of the word. He started as a rock hound hobbyist with his grandmother, and is now one of the best classic gem cutters in the industry. Zava selects each stone by hand and combines his own creativity with classic cutting styles, paying close attention to light, mineral makeup, and form.

Tom Munsteiner of Atelier Tom Munsteiner

Hailing from Germany, Tom Munsteiner has a such an incredible style. The technique he uses makes it appear as if there is another design inside of each stone. When using a Munsteiner stone, you essentially get two designs: the entire piece of jewelry, and the stone all on its own.

Jean-Noel Soni of Top Notch Faceting

Anything but your typical gem cutter! Dubbed the “rock star” of gem cutting, scrolling through his gallery of cuts, you’ll see each stone photographed is nestled between his tattooed fingers. Self-taught, Soni uses precision faceting to create some of the most exquisite gems I’ve ever seen.

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