Holiday Tips 2015

‘Tis the season for holiday tips from your neighborly CED. ‘Tis the season for holiday parties, stocking stuffers and gifts galore!



Tip #1

Here at CED we love to throw great parties but we also love to attend great parties. Being in the jewelry business, our party wear always has to be on point. That doesn’t mean we have to find THE perfect dress. It means, we find a great dress and pair it with killer statement making jewelry. It is our business after all.



Tip #2

Stocking stuffers are delightful little treats. When I was a little girl, “Santa” would come on Christmas Eve to decorate our tree with candy canes and fill our stockings. But, the biggest and best (and most expensive) gifts would be from my parents. Later in life they told me they didn’t think it was fair for Santa to get the credit for our favorite gifts so they made sure we always knew those gifts were from dearest Mom and Dad. Clever people. So, as adults, stocking stuffers, little treats, bonus gifts might look like a pair of stellar earrings.



Tip #3

Christmas morning gifts are the big ones. What you’ve been wishing, hoping, and dreaming for all year. Your heart’s desire. These gifts will be the ones that come to mind when people ask, “What was the best Christmas gift you’ve ever been given?” It could even be an engagement ring. Merry Christmas to you!



Tip #4

Don’t forget that giving gifts is often more fulfilling than receiving them, so, don’t forget to get yourself a little something, too!

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