Staatliches Bauhaus

The Nazi party declared the modernist movement to be foreign and unpatriotic which ultimately lead to its demise in 1933. Many Bauhaus architects emigrated and moved to other countries so they could continue their work. One such country was Israel where so many modern structures were built in Tel Aviv that it has been named a UN World Cultural Heritage site. Part of Tel Aviv is called the “White City” because of its plethora of Bauhaus architecture. Nearly 4,000 Bauhaus structures were built from 1933 forward.

The Bauhaus design and mentality permeated the world, you can find its influences all around. Some notable Bauhaus buildings include:

Sommerfeld house in Berlin

Otte house in Berlin

Auerbach house in Jena

Farnsworth House outside of Chicago

IBM Plaza in Chicago

Seagram Building in New York City

“Laubenganghäuser” which are still in use today in Dessau

and the White City in Tel Aviv


Have an infinitely modern day!

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