Custom Large Amethyst Pendant

Both creatives in the architectural and design field, Rich first contacted me he wanted to propose. We were honored to have made their wedding rings when they got married about 7 years ago.

In honor of the recent arrival of their son he wanted a gift to incorporate his birthstone, reflect their taste for structure, minimalism, and something to wow her. This large scale amethyst we designed a white gold setting for was the perfect for a one-of-a-kind pendant. A modern commitment statement piece that says I love you.

I came up with several concepts, then drawings and we collaborated on the final version. A wax model was made for approval before the final version came to fruition.

“Gave it to her this weekend, she loves it! Thank you so much!” – Rich B.

Contact us if you are interested in creating your own custom or commitment piece to reflect you.   Learn more about our custom design process.


SKU: CUS106.

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