Custom Light Blue Sapphire Wedding Set

This custom light blue sapphire wedding set happens to belong to yours truly and my now husband.  Many ask the question, “Isn’t it hard to pick a ring for a jewelry designer?”  Well, I designed my own ring and chose the stone and Ren was okay with that, he knew that it would be hard to surprise me with a ring.  While in search of the perfect sapphire for my own engagement ring, from the literally thousands upon thousands of stones at the gem fair, this light blue signature cut sapphire was IT.  Clay Zava was the master cutter behind the light blue sapphire of my engagement ring.  The ring design is based on a design I had just added to my collection at the time, the Emerald Diamond Bezel Solitaire Ring.  For the wedding I added a 3mm band on either side.

After I accepting Ren’s proposal of marriage, I suggested he might like an engagement ring as well.  A “Mangagement” ring.   He said YES!  So the search went on to find a similar stone.  His has a bit of purple in it which he loves.  Also set in white gold this Four Curved Ring was modified to fit the sapphire off center.  He loves it so much he opted not to have another wedding band and uses this as his wedding band.   All the bands have a high polished and brushed finish.

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