Custom Oval and Emerald Pendant

I hand carved this custom pendant which is set with the client’s repurposed emerald cut diamond. Singer songwriter, Beth Thornley, wanted something different to honor the stone she wore for many years and still wanted to wear. She had a desire for a bold statement and geometry and she is clearly a feminine woman which had to be acknowledged. The stone in the center is from which everything else emanates outward. Her voice, creativity, strength and spirit. The scale and geometry are a strong statement. The oval shape and the matte finish speaks to the softness of her feminine side. It does remind me of a modern shield and hopefully will hold super powers for this superwoman!

“Again, thank you so much. The pieces are beautiful. The one we had made from the stone in my ring is so unique and unusual and sophisticated as well as rock and roll. How’d you do that? I love it. And it feels good to wear. It’s great the way the stone catches the light. A friend of mine called it my warrior shield. I like that a lot because it is a strong piece and could probably deflect bullets if it had to. It’ll be my superwoman secret weapon…..” – Beth Thornley

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