December 2004 – The Engagement Ring Phenomenon: Part V

December 2004 NEWSLETTER


“There is strength in subtlety.” -ce

There is something perfectly integrant about it’s shape. This gold solid pendant from the Cylinder Collection is the epitome of just that, in making a bold statement without a lot of “bling”. It is graced with a tiny diamond for sparkle.

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LA Bride Magazine (November/December) – This issue featured wedding looks and earrings from the Claudia Endler Designs Center Point Collection adorning the ears of Sabrina Soto.

Women On Top, Beverly Hills Magazine – Style Feature, by Rhonda Faber Green, covered Claudia Endler Designs and our philosophy.

Brentwood Magazine (December) – Holiday Jewelry Guide featured the Center Point Sheppard Hook oval earrings and stackable rings from the Dome Collection (pictured below).


December 11th (Saturday) – Holiday Trunk Show 10am-6pm, at the home of The Arnolds 4105 Weslin Avenue,Sherman Oaks, 310 339.5791, benefiting a charity. Join, as they bring their favorite accessories, jewelry and gifts to a private and cozy home setting for relaxing holiday shopping!

December’s Feature: More Options

The Engagement Ring Phenomenon: Part V

What if you already have a stone?
Now don’t rush right out and purchase another stone, if you already have one. The question is… Whose diamond is it? Not your former betrothed’s? Your mother’s? Grandmother’s? Her mother’s? Hmmm… Something to consider.

Anyone who wears the ring that is inherited from someone, in either party’s family, is wearing it for sentimental reasons, as well as the beauty it holds for them. Prince Phillip gave, to his fiancé, now Queen Elizabeth II, an engagement piece that was created with heirloom diamonds from his mother’s tiara. Not bad. And I am sure it saved the Prince a royal fortune.

How about purchasing a previously owned piece?
Purchasing previously owned jewelry is also very acceptable. There are many parties who wish to dispose of perfectly good jewelry for various reasons. Diamonds like cars lose their value once you drive them off the lot. No one will buy a diamond from you for the same price at which you purchased it… Unless many years have passed and the stone or cut itself is significant in value (i.e., antiques). There are considerations in purchasing previously owned jewelry, particularly engagement rings.

  • Make sure your “partner-to-be” is okay with the concept.
  • Go to a reputable broker.
  • Know for what you are looking.
  • Some damaged stones may be able to be re-polished or re-cut. And, yes, some material may be lost. Every stone is different.
  • Does the stone fit the parameters of the people involved?
  • As with all jewelry, have it appraised by an independent appraiser for insurance purposes.

The setting can always be revised or the stones taken out and set into something completely different, making it your own. Claudia Endler Designs will transform the look of your pre-owned stones and create a new contemporary setting to express your individual taste.

Purchasing estate jewelry is quite the fashion these days. They are often purchased for their particular esthetic or for the stones only. Estate pieces are younger than 50 years old. Amazingly, quite a bit of damage can be done in 50 years. Scratches. Chips. Cracks. So be aware that there is a risk of a stone being damaged during the resetting process. Typically, a jeweler will not accept responsibility, which is why you want to choose your jeweler wisely.

  • Cut – Today, most diamonds are laser cut to achieve exact standards. Years ago, diamonds were cut by hand with more variation on the individual facets. Older stones tend to have a softer, more romantic look.
  • Clarity – Since it was very time consuming in the mid-century to cut a diamond by hand, generally only the highest quality diamonds were set.
  • Color – During the mid-century, people preferred a rainbow hue and opted for diamonds with a yellow or green tinge. This contrasts with today’s emphasis on white diamonds.

Antiques are usually considered 100 years old or more. Should you decide to go with an antique look, authentic antique engagement rings can be found at estate sales, antique stores, or sold privately. When purchasing antique engagement rings, be sure you keep in mind the following shopping tips:

  • The lowest price is not always the best quality. Gemstones vary in terms of color, inclusions, carat, and whether or not it has been treated. Be sure you are clear on gemstone criteria.
  • Have the item appraised by a non-biased jeweler, who does not buy or sell engagement rings.

As we have said in the past, always ask yourself: Does the stone speak to you? Does it feel right? Do you think it is beautiful? Are you happy with it? Does it fit your price range?

Keep in mind… You can reuse stones for anything, not just engagement rings.

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” I am so in love with my ring. I had three people comment this morning in my networking group, about the beauty of the ring and the style.” Maria West, Mortgage Broker

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