October 2004 – The Engagement Ring Phenomenon Part IV

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“Inspired by the alternatives to what is expected” -ce

This radius ring is set with baguette diamonds off-set from the center. It has an unexpected brilliance that is not obvious, but is intriguing.

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Claudia Endler Designs made it to the red carpet at this years’ Emmy’s. Our Ellipse design, in 18k yellow gold, from the Center Point collection adorned the neck, ears and finger of Katherine Walker, Show Producer of the five-time nominated and very popular reality tv show, ‘The Apprentice’. The ensemble added the perfect touch to Katherine’s elegant ivory, sleeveless 30’s inspired satin gown with soft collar and plunging back. In her words, “I love your work!” And many of us love hers! Congratulations to Katherine.

November 13th (Saturday)Step-Up L.A. Women’s Network will be hosting their annual fashion show, featuring the designs of Andrew Gn at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. Claudia Endler Designs will be donating a piece to the silent auction, as well as offering gift certificates in the gift bags. Proceeds from this event go to the Joan English Fund, for cancer research. For more information and tickets to this event visit www.stepuplawomensnetwork.org or call 323.653.5588.

December 6th (Monday) 1-5:00pmSanta Monica Art Studios: “Art to Wear” Boutique hosted by the Southern California Council – National Museum of Women in the Arts (www.nmwa.org). This annual tea and boutique is a fundraiser promoting women in the arts through outreach, exhibits, education and research. Claudia Endler Designs will be among several designers contributing 20% of their proceeds. If you would like to receive an invitation to this event, please contact us at 800.313.9784 or info@claudiaendlerdesigns.com. Seating is limited.


The Engagement Ring Phenomenon Part IV

Having covered prices and quality of diamonds, we have found we have options!!! We like options. Not to confuse, but let’s explore some more options.

Do engagement rings need to be solitaires?

No. Depending on your taste and that of your soon to be betrothed, rings can be made with several stones together, a grouping. As pictured above, with a row of baguettes, this ring can be used as an engagement piece, a wedding band and even a cocktail ring. Claudia Endler Designs encourages expression of your own style.

Can one have a colored stone, other than a diamond, as part of the engagement/wedding set?

Absolutely. It is all just an expression of you. It is true that 78% of the engagement rings purchased are diamond engagement rings. Diamonds are the hardest mineral, four times harder than corundum. Sapphires and rubies are corundum minerals and rate 9 on the Mohe’s scale of hardness, where diamond is 10.

Sapphires are rarer than diamonds and can also be more expensive per carat. They are the most precious of all the blue gemstones. It is desirable due to its color, durability and luster. The most desirable are known as the Kashmir sapphire or Cornflower Blue sapphire. Prince Charles gave Lady Diane a blue oval sapphire, surrounded by diamonds. Jean Harlow’s engagement ring from William Powell was a 150-carat cabochon sapphire.

Rubies, the blood red corundum, are even more rare and are the most valuable gemstones. The color red can be associated with love and passion. From the corundum family, this gemstone is tough and durable.

As an alternative to the now traditional diamond, emeralds are a beautiful choice. These green stones are of the beryl family of minerals. Chromium or vanadium are what cause the green color in beryl. With a hardness rating of 7.5, these stones are sensitive to a knock. The well-known “emerald cut” was developed specifically for the emerald. Jacqueline Bouvier received a 2.88 carat diamond and emerald engagement ring from John F. Kennedy.

Birthstones were once considered more valuable as an engagement ring, before diamonds were made fashionable. Some brides decide to wear their birthstones alone or with diamonds. This opens the door for many more possibilities.

Here at Claudia Endler Designs, we have also used white sapphires, blue sapphires, emeralds and other gemstones as alternative engagement stones. Remember that all gemstone must be treated as the precious materials they are. Even though they may be durable, all are subject to chipping and breakage, if handled roughly.

(We will discuss more about these gem stones, heat treatments and clarity enhancements in a future editions.)

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“I’m loving my rings. I am looking at them all the time.” – Marci W., Software Producer

Prices for rough diamonds have gone up, so you will see a rise in diamonds prices across the board.

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