Kirsten: The Time Is Now

What did you want to see reflected?

I wanted to focus on the passing of time and the fact that change is an inevitable and an important part of life. Mindfulness of the now and here, this present moment with its possibilities and choices, is what leads to awareness and gratitude. At the same time, there’s an urgency to fully live in the “now” rather than focusing on some vague future.


What was going on in your life that prompted you to need this reminder?

A health scare combined with family and financial challenges. Many changes – or potential changes – were on the horizon causing much anxiety and requiring a refocus.


Why did you choose this design?

In the beginning of WWI in Germany, my great-grandfather had two identical rings made for my grandmother and her sister. Not knowing what the future would bring, he wanted his girls to have something of value. The original ring was dainty, with the three stones held diagonally by a thin gold band. I wanted the original shape reflected in the new piece, but with a modern twist.


How does it make you feel when you wear it?

The ring is my power ring, reminding me daily not only of my strong and loving grandmother, but also of the fact that time is precious.

How has this reflection piece helped you?

It is a strong symbol and a commitment to myself to focus on what is important and to live in the present.


What’s your motto for life?

The engraving in my ring says

“die Zeit ist jetzt”

which is German for “the time is now.”

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